Places to visit

Places to visit

Lagos is known as the Town of Discoveries.

It was here that Infante D. Henrique launched the caravels that discovered the world.

With a mild climate all year round that allows the practice of several sports, cultural and leisure activities, Lagos is far more than just a town with exceptional beaches and unforgettable golf courses.

Lagos, which has one of the best marinas in Europe, is also a cultural town with monuments, galleries, museums, and entertainment and leisure venues that you shouldn't miss.

Be sure to visit the churches of Santo António, Santa Maria and São Sebastião, the walls, the Castelo dos Governadores (Governor's Castle), the slaves market, the Ponta da Bandeira Fort, among other monuments.

Visit the town and admire the various statues that pay homage to its heroes, mostly evoking the Age of Discoveries.

Visit the art galleries, the Lagos Museum and the Discoveries Wax Museum (Museu de Cera dos Descobrimentos), which depicts the age of discoveries through wax figures.

Be sure to visit the Lagos Zoo, with hundreds of animal and plant species from all over the world, in a well kept space, for the whole family.

And more, much more.

Lagos has plenty to discover...